Golden Retrievers bred from carefully considered
Old American, English/British, and European pedigrees

Welcome to Gazn (Gazing) Golden Retrievers. Perched on a mountain top that is nestled amongst the Endless Mountains of Northeastern PA, we have shared our lives with Golden Retrievers since 1988. The ensuing years with our dogs have brought us great joy as we have trained and competed in obedience, conformation and tracking. We also dabbled at the elementary stages of field work.

Certification through Alliance of Therapy Dogs (Formerly Therapy Dog Inc) allows us to assist in various capacities in several school districts, a nursing home, and the Physical Therapy Dept/pediatrics at our local hospital. We have also participated annually for seven years and counting at Camp Sensation- a four day out door event held for mentally and/or physically challenged children. 

In addition, our dogs are  quite content to be home with the family as loving companions. The versatility of the Golden Retriever is in part why it is a wonderful breed with which to share your life.

Our varied and delightful journey has brought us down a path to pursue and preserve the Hallmark qualities of the Golden Retriever through breeding, including proper type and soundness. We seek to produce dogs of robust health and longevity, thinking brains and biddable temperament. To accomplish our goals we blend carefully considered bloodlines from English/British/European and Old American pedigrees.

All of our dogs used for breeding are hip/elbow rated by OFA, heart and eye certified clear, and are AKC registered. Newer DNA testing has been done on our dogs as well. Clearances for each dog can be found on their individual pages, on the K9Data website and at the OFA website.  We also are members in good standing of the Golden Retriever Club of America,

To learn more about the Golden Retriever and find out if this is the right breed for you, please visit and click on All About Goldens.

Gazn Golden Retrievers looks to a bright future and new generations.

 We hope you enjoy your visit to our site.

For inquiries, please go to our contact page and email us with your questions. Don't forget to include your name and contact information.

 Felice and Jim Haggerty
Towanda Pennsylvania



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