Grandkids and dogs all love "Gazn" out the window!

Haley                                                                Tory

Aine (23 months) and Piper (11 weeks)

                 Haley (age 5) and I (no age given)  at our first Rally competition..... what a great time we had!

Tory and I at a dog demonstration

                                      Piper, Aine and Tory birdwatching.....................interrupted for a photo 

                                       Chipmunk  gazn                                                            Chipmunk hunting
  Piper           Tory            Aine                                        Aine             Tory            Haley

                             Piper   Aine  and Tory                                                  Rock Climbers


                                                                                    Piper      Haley             Jim           Tory
                                                                                        Aine and her Puppy (Kevin)

Top to Bottom:
Rhys, Tory, Tangee, Piper, Keela, Aine and Sparrow

Sparrow Keela Aine and Tangee
Aine is the dam of these three girls. 



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