What is a Rare, White Golden Retriever?

The answer: It doesn't exist.   Contrary to what you may have heard or read, Golden Retrievers of very light coloration are neither rare nor white.  At their lightest shading, they are called cream in color.  The cream color has no bearing on the health, personality,or temperament of the dog. When choosing a puppy, color should not be a factor in your choice.

There are those who are seeking to prosper by using color as a lure.They will use words like Alpine White, Platinum Blonde and Ultra Light to appeal to your senses.
  Please do your homework when seeking a properly and well-bred Golden Retriever.

Visit the Golden Retriever Club of America's website
  and click on the Want a puppy? section to aid you in making a wise decision regarding choosing not only a puppy, but also in finding a reputable breeder.

To read an excellent article on English Goldens as well as find a list of reputable breeders,  go to

"Pssst.  She's cream, not white"



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